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As with the Health and Safety policies we can also provide environmental policies and management systems.

Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems All employers having 5 or more employees are required to have a Health & Safety Policy Statement demonstrating their commitment to safety in the workplace. The Policy Statement should outline the key activities of the business, persons affected by their undertaking, principal risks associated with the business and control measures in place. It must be "owned" by the business.

Underpinning the Policy Statement, organisations must, depending on their size, identify the need for Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems to document the controls and processes which assure that all activities are carried out safely. Organisations have a legal duty to assess the risks in their workplace and then put in place controls which demonstrate that the organisation has considered:

  • Resources - does the organisation have the right employees, facilities, equipment, materials and plant to deliver the needs of their customers?
  • Responsibilities – are all employees responsibilities for their own safety and the safety of others clearly defined and communicated?
  • Competence - have all employees received the necessary training and do they have all the correct qualifications to do their work?
  • Risk Management - identifying the principal hazards of the business and developing risk assessments which define the control measures to mitigate these risks to “as low as reasonably practicable”
  • Documentation - do employees have access to all the standards, procedures, codes of practice and legislation they need to do their work safety and effectively?
  • Occupational Health – has the organisation considered all activities which could be detrimental to the health of their employees and implemented controls to reduce the risk of exposure to illnesses and injuries caused by the workplace environment?
  • Communication - does the organisation have regular meetings with its employees to discuss and improve safety in the workplace?
  • Reporting – how are accidents and incidents reported and are lessons learned to prevent their recurrence?
  • Contractors – does the organisation have systems for managing contractors and ensuring their activities to not adversely affect safety
  • Audit and Review – how does the organisation monitor its compliance to their safety management systems and continuously improve its safety performance?

SASC can support your business by:

  • Preparing bespoke Heath, Safety & Environmental Policy Statements
  • Designing Health & Safety Management Systems - customised for your business
  • Identifying and preparing Risk Assessments & Method Statements (RAMS)
  • Preparing specific Safety Procedures for those activities identified as high risk
  • Providing safety training to enhance employee safety, competence and productivity
  • Developing safety audit protocols as a basis for assuring continued compliance to the Safety Management System and identifying areas for improvement

SASC have a very comprehensive portfolio of health and safety services follow this link for Site Safety Supervision.

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