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Man working at height in a suspension safety harness

Working at Height Regulations 2005 state that any work at height, as well as being risked assessed and planned, must have a suitable rescue plan in place in the event of a fall or other emergency. Swift action is critical if such an incident occurs as a person suspended in a fall arrest harness can suffer life threatening consequences from ‘harness induced pathology’ or ‘Orthostatic shock while suspended’. Recovery of the casualty as quickly as possible to a safe platform and relieving the pressure of being suspended in the harness is critical to allow the circulation to return to normal to prevent further complications. SASC provide several rescue plans for various tasks and environments from basic self-rescue to fully assisted rescue using specialist equipment. With specialist training that we recommend your workforce undertakes and practise exercises to ensure all operatives are able to affect a successful rescue, our rescue plans can help to reduce injury and save lives.

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